Engagement Snapshot

The Panel has been engaged in a global consultation process to hear from diverse stakeholder communities about their priorities and suggestions for enhancing digital cooperation.

The table below represents the stakeholder group participation in some of the High-level Panel’s consultation activities which included workshops, discussion groups or events organized by the Secretariat.

In an effort to engage with stakeholders from diverse regions, outreach and engagement has spanned the globe. The map below represents locations of major events the Panel participated in or organized, and the locations where survey responses and call for contributions submissions originated.

Survey Highlights

An online survey was launched in October 2018, and remains open to anyone to share their views on the benefits of digital technology, areas of concern, and good examples of digital cooperation. By the end of January 2019, over 300 respondents had contributed their opinions and ideas.

“Which of these digital issues/challenges are you most concerned about?”

The chart below shows the ranking of top answers, of which respondents could select up to 5. Hover over each line in the bar chart for full text description.

“What technology has changed or positively affected your life the most? What has it enabled you to do in your personal life or at work?”

The quotes below are a sampling of the views and opinions expressed by individuals from around the world.

“The Internet. It enables me to work seamlessly with colleagues from many countries.”

Male, 51-65, Norway

“The Internet has helped me work more effectively.”

Female, 26-35, Ghana

“Video messaging (eg Skype) – I have been able to watch my grandchildren, thousands of miles away, growing up. Email – communication and collaboration, allowing diverse views to be brought together.”

Female, 65+, St. Lucia

“The laptop. It frees me to work or be connected without being tied to my office. It provides access.”

Female, 36-50, United States

“I was able to establish a workers co-operative, that has grown to have 15 employees based across the United Kingdom, working on full time contracts to create and maintain data standards that support global transparency and accountability initiatives. The organisation has no office base, and has very low overheads through the use of open source and low-cost cloud services.”

Male, 26-35, United Kingdom

“Email, Video calling, IP-IP voice calling – it allows me and my team to work together from any location in the world.”

Female, 26-35, India

“The technology that changed my life is the smartphone. It is a small computer that we have in our pocket all the time, anywhere.”

Male, Under 25, Brazil

“The cross-platform messaging – i.e. applications like whatsapp, viber, etc.  This has allowed for the continued connection easily with friends and family across the globe.”

Female, 35-50, Malaysia

“Internet. It has enabled me to connect with the international society much easier and kept updated with the world, which helps me with my study at university.”

Female, Under 25, Taiwan

Smartphone +4G allowed us to connect to remote health providers, train , mentor and handhold them to provide “best practices” in Addiction &Mental health care to rural and underserved people.

Male, 51-65, India

“Without a doubt: the internet.”

Male, Under 25, Brazil