On Tuesday 2 April, the High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation held a joint meeting with the EU’s Global Tech Panel at the invitation of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. This is part of the High-level Panel’s ongoing engagement with a wide-range of digital policy forums such as the IGF and the WSIS Forum.

Meeting together at Nokia’s campus in Espoo, the joint meeting advanced a constructive dialogue around the importance of building new coalitions of leaders from the worlds of government, technology, academia and civil society. Members of the two Panels were also invited to meet with the President of Finland.

Bringing their collective expertise to bear, the two Panels focused their discussions on global governance in the Digital Age, and the capacity needed for societies to understand and manage challenges and opportunities ahead, including those emerging from AI and data.

They shared experiences on practical ways to leverage digital technologies to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. The Panels also discussed what policy frameworks and new models for cooperation are needed at national, regional, and global levels to ensure that digital technologies do not amplify or exacerbate inequalities.

On Wednesday 3 April, members of the High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation held a working meeting in Helsinki to discuss outstanding issues related to its report and recommendations.

In the coming weeks the Panel will finalize its report, which is scheduled for submission to the UN Secretary-General by early June 2019. This will include a number of engagements with various stakeholder communities including those with expertise in governance, human rights and inclusivity in digital transformations. The Panel also seeks to catalyze further discussion around the idea of digital cooperation, through a series of regional dialogues with a focus on Africa and Latin America & The Caribbean.