Call for Contributions

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The High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation is seeking input from individuals, governments, industry, academic/research groups, the technical community, non-governmental and international organizations to inform its deliberations and development of actionable recommendations for the report.

The High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation was established by the UN Secretary-General in July 2018 to advance proposals to strengthen cooperation in the digital realm, and contribute to the broader global dialogue on how interdisciplinary and cooperative approaches can help ensure a safe and inclusive digital future.

What are the key questions for written contributions?

Digital cooperation refers to the ways and means through which individuals, organizations, and countries work together to manage their social, economic, and legal relations in the digital realm. It emphasises functions and modalities (‘how’) and not just the form or outcome (‘what’) of processes whereby the relevant stakeholders in the digital space work to maximize the benefits of digital technologies while safeguarding against potential risks.

You can submit a written contribution reflecting on one or more of the following aspects of digital cooperation:

  1. What values and principles should underpin cooperation in the digital realm;
  2. How can stakeholders cooperate more effectively in the digital realm, including how can marginalized stakeholders be included;
  3. How can cooperation among stakeholders be improved in areas such as inclusive development; inclusive participation in the digital economy; data; protection of human rights online; human voice and human agency in the digital age; digital trust and security; and building the capacity of individuals, institutions and governments for the digital transformation.

Who can submit and what is the deadline?

Written contributions, either from an individual or organizational/institutional perspective are welcome.

The consultation period is open from 8 October 2018 to 31 January 2019.

However, submissions received by 30 November will be included in the first synthesis report to Panel members.

Early submissions are strongly recommended as they will be integrated into the Panel’s research on a rolling basis.

Will the submissions be published?

Please select the “yes” checkbox below if you consent to having your submission posted publicly on the Panel’s website, and being referenced in part or in full in the final report if needed. Please select “no” if you prefer your submission to be read and used internally by the Panel. The Secretariat of the High-level Panel reserves the right not to publish submissions that include hate speech or defamatory attacks against individuals, groups, organizations, or countries.

A few things to keep in mind to make your contribution impactful:

  • The more directly you address the questions below, the more relevant your contribution will be to the Panel.
  • Provide concrete examples and stories grounded in practice.
  • Responses to each question should be not longer than 1,000 words.
  • Background reports, references, or documents are welcome. Please number references that support specific statements made in your contribution

How to submit: While submissions via the webform below are highly encouraged, you can also send your contributions as a single PDF file to the following email address:

Download PDF of Key Questions

Each question below allows text entry of not more than 1,000 words (e.g., 6,000 character limit). Please answer at least one of the following questions.

I. Values & Principles:

II. Methods & Mechanisms

III. Illustrative Action Areas

The Panel plans to explore, among others, the following areas where greater digital cooperation is required:

  • inclusive development and closing the digital gap
  • inclusive participation in the digital economy
  • data
  • protection of human rights online, particularly of children, women and marginalized communities
  • human agency and voice/participation in shaping technological choices and architecture
  • digital trust and security
  • building the capacity of individuals, institutions and governments for the digital transformation.

IV. Do you have any other ideas you would like to share with the Panel?


V. Please provide your numbered references or links to additional reports/documents here.


Do you want your submission to be shared publicly?

Thank you for your contribution.